Texans weigh in with what they think will make schools safer

In the wake of the Santa Fe High School shootings last month, Texas voters are telling us what they think will make schools safer.

It's a deep split. 51% told the UT/Texas Tribune poll parenting and tighter gun laws would make schools safer. But 44 percent say they would either leave gun laws the way they are now or make them even less strict. CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas tells KTRH the split sends a message over this issue.

“No one really has that solution, and everybody is really split down the middle as to what the solution really is,” Grisham explained.

Grisham says the gun rights issue has become so polarized if you are on the left you have to come out for more gun control in this day and age.

“You can’t help but embrace gun control as part of that agenda. I don’t know how it happened or why it happened, but the Democratic party of today is not the Democratic party of yesterday,” Grisham stated.

The poll also asked what impact having more people arming themselves might have; 37 percent said we would be safer; 39 percent said we'd be less safe, and 15 percent said it would have no impact.

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