POLL: Quit, get better or have your co-workers decide your fate

It appears some of the bugs are still being worked out in Amazon's Pivot Program—where an employee can leave and take severance; or work with HR and their manager to do better; or appeal, like in trial court, and your colleagues making the verdict who wins—the boss or you.

"There's a trial between your manager, and then you got other colleagues peeking in on, you know guilty, not guilty. I think that is a backwards kind of approach attitudinally," said Company culture expert Daren Martin.

He said if it's the employee's choice, that could be a good thing, but there seems to be a problem with the execution.

"I think if it was a, 'hey, we're not communicating very well, why don't we bring some other people in and maybe they can help us see what neither one of us are not seeing, because we really want to make this work?'," said Martin.

He said he sees a shift in the workplace to be more collaborative where peers get to have a bigger say in who they work with, or don’t.

More than 500,000 people work for Amazon.

Martin says it's hard to get the right culture, system and teamwork in place with half a million employees.

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