National fish shortage impacting consumers locally

Last year, US imported more seafood than ever before.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports the U.S. imported more than six billion pounds of seafood valued at more than $21.5 billion last year. The country exported nearly four billion pounds valued at about $6 billion.

These national fish shortages are have an impact locally.

Greater Houston Restaurant Association Executive Director Melissa Stewart said as restaurateurs, they're always looking for a consistent supply chain with best prices possible to keep prices affordable for consumers.

"When we have shortages, or anything that disrupts our changes our supply chain, we see price increases, which is unfortunate and difficult for consumers, as well as we can see interruption of those favorite dishes that we all like to have," said Stewart.

For example, she added, cod has been plentiful for many years, but they have recently had to find new suppliers.

"One thing that we find that we're looking forward to, and looking for new options on are fisheries and new options and new ways to farm fish that would allow us to not only maintain quality, but also have a better control of supply chain closer to home,” said Stewart.

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