Border hysteria isn’t helping mainstream media’s reputation

The hysteria on the border you see when you turn on the mainstream media these days isn’t helping their reputation at all.

There's the fact they are in full panic mode. There is the fact they blame the crisis on President Trump while ignoring the fact the law he's enforcing has been on the books for decades. Then there’s the fact that according to Gallup 62% of you think the media is biased. Political analyst Debbie Georgatos tells KTRH she thinks corporate executives have to be taking notice of this lack of trust.

“At the point when people don’t trust you anymore, like any other business, you would think in the board rooms of the major media companies you’d think they’d be talking about how they are going to change their ways,” Georgatos said.

Almost 40% of you think the mainstream media spreads misinformation, which Georgatos says was on display with the latest border crisis.

“The media is on this road to manufacture perpetual outrage as a mission against this President,” Georgatos stated.

The numbers from Gallup also show that nearly 45% of you think the media is 'inaccurate.'

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