A Drug that Helps --- and Kills

Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

The number of children exposed to the opioid treatment drug, buprenorphine has more than doubled in the last 3 years.  Over eleven thousand emergency calls have been made concerning children's exposure to buprenorphine. Most of the children were under 6.  Almost all of the cases were said to be unintentional.

The potent drug can only be obtained in addiction programs.  President of Healthcare Leadership Council Mary Greely says children must have taken them at home.

“If you have any opioid or opioid treatment drug in your home, be sure to place them where your children – no matter how old – cannot access them. Locking them away is always best.”

So far 9 children have died from the drug and thousands have been placed in hospitals in critical care units with massive breathing problems. She says it is believed adolescents are adding alcohol or other drugs to it to attempt suicide.

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