We just can’t quit you, Facebook

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Good luck trying to breakup with Facebook.

Maybe all those pesky reminders, or our fear of missing out, keeps us coming back.

You would think Facebook’s pushiness would seal the deal with users saying bye-bye.

Syracuse University professor of television and popular culture Robert Thompson said Facebook's constant reminders that you haven't been logging on enough for their tastes...

“Both is evidence of the very reason why we should be creeped out by Facebook. But, at the same time, an awful lot of people aren’t willing to pay the price of actually completely breaking up them permanently,” said Thompson.

He said future social media interaction will be as quaint as listening to music now via an eight track or getting online with a modem dial up.

Thompson said most Facebook breakups are just separations, and that people rarely go through and sign the divorce papers.

“Especially if you’ve been actively using it for a while and you stop. They don’t want you to break up with them because you’re part of their whole database,” said Thompson.<PSI_END_OBJECT>

He said when we’re the product, it’s advantageous to Internet platforms and these kinds of social media systems.

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