Abbott Billboards Greet Dems at Fort Worth Convention

Five Police Officers Killed During Anti-Police Brutality March In Dallas

Texas Democrats heading to Fort Worth for their state convention will get see a lot of Gov. Greg Abbott along the way. The Abbott campaign bought up six billboards along I-35 from each direction heading into the city.

“It's just an opportunity to showcase all the accomplishments Texas has achieved over the last four years under Gov. Abbott,” says campaign press secretary John Wittman.

The billboards mainly tout Texas' record low unemployment, job creation, number of women and Hispanic business owners, and African-American graduation rate under Abbott. Wittman calls it an opportunity to have some fun and also point out that Texas is excelling, and they're not done yet.

“You're going to see a couple of more things from our campaign over the next few days continuing to highlight not only Texas' exceptionalism, but also the demise of the Democratic Party in Texas,” he says.

Democrats were quick to respond by saying Texas' economy has slipped from 3rd to 21st in the nation.

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