We can’t tell what fact is and what opinion is anymore

Fake News

The mainstream media has done so much to twist facts that the line between fact and opinion these days is really hard to identify.

The Pew Research Center says only 25% of adults in America can really identify what is fact and what is opinion. Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak says part of it a failure of our education system, and part of it is more sinister.

“It may be a reflection of the blurring of the lines between straight news reporting and opinion,” Mackowiak stated.

Mackowiak says the mainstream media has done a good job of blurring the line between what is fact and opinion, for their own purposes.

“They determine what they think facts are that suit their narratives and then disseminate those facts as widely as possible because they think those facts help their case,” Mackowiak explained.

Pew's study also found that when Americans call a statement 'factual' they also, overwhelmingly, think it is accurate.

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