Poll: Dems Continue to Dismiss Trump Economy

Donald Trump

Americans' satisfaction with the economy has reached a 12-year high, but Democrats continue to pooh-pooh President Donald Trump's policies.

A recent Gallup Poll shows Republicans helped push Americans' overall satisfaction with the economy to 38 percent in May and June -- nine points better than March and April. Democrats' satisfaction remained unchanged at 13 percent.

“There's one word for that, liars,” says Peter Ferrera, senior fellow at The Heartland Institute. “It's true now, Democrats are liars. That's their strategy. They're trying to confuse us and mislead us and that's their only hope to win.”

Ferrera says liberals, including mainstream media, would rather focus on scandals than any positives coming from the White House.

“Black unemployment is at the lowest level it's been in American history. Hispanic unemployment, the lowest level in history right now under President Trump, and that's the result of President Trump's pro-growth economic policies like the tax cuts and deregulation.”

Ferrera believes blue-collar workers will agree come November.

“Blue-collar workers were once the backbone of the Democratic Party, but now they're getting their relief and prosperity through Republican-Trump policies,” he says. “So, this is creating a revolution in American economics and American politics.”

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