Political Correctness is killing the NFL

A recent Fox News poll finds the NFL with surprisingly low approval ratings and it appears political correctness is the reason. Just 64% of football fans view the NFL favorably.

Breitbart's Warner Todd Huston says this is not good news for the league.

"It really should scare the NFL and this really is the first time they've been that far below water; in years past, back 20-30 years ago, they were in the 80 and 90 percentile range."

Huston says the same poll found 68% of respondents believe political correctness has gone too far in the general culture.

"I think it's become too political all the way around; whichever side you stand on you go to the NFL for sports and fun and to forget about your life for a while -- not to be inundated with politics."

60% approve of the NFL's stand for the anthem policy.

Huston says NFL players who kneel are not helping.

"If they continue their protests and launch lawsuits and things like that it'll just prolong the agony. But if everything simmers down perhaps it'll be the turning point."

But Huston says he's not optimistic.

"I think conservatives would allow it to just go away if it would go away but we've already heard the players' union is considering lawsuits so I doubt that it'll go away any time soon."

Nearly a third of those who identify as football fans say they have a negative view of the NFL.

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