Media mistakes piling up when it comes to Trump

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President Trump has only been a politician for three years, but in that time the mainstream media has racked up a large list of mistakes when it comes to reporting on him.

The mistakes, if you count them up, are in the dozens. Michael Johns of the National Tea Party Movement tells KTRH which one he thinks is the most egregious.

“The report that President Trump has removed the Martin Luther King Bust from the Oval Office within hours of his inauguration which was 100% untrue,” Johns said.

Johns says there are many others where facts were simply reported incorrectly. Johns was in the Bush 41 White House and says the difference between journalists then and now is the amount of activism we see today.

“The core functionality of a good percentage of these individuals is no longer the reporting of the news. It’s the advancement of a specific agenda,” Johns explained, adding that in the 1990's, journalists used to concentrate on facts, even if their personal politics leaned to the left.

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