Homes, Streets Flood in Corpus Christi Area

The Corpus Christi Emergency Operations Center is tracking the effects of a tropical system that is soaking part of Texas.

Streets and homes are flooded in the area.

Local police say that they responded to “numerous” high water rescues in the Port Aransas area as well.

Matt Briscoe is in Flour Bluff and said there has been nearly eight inches of rain.

“The biggest threat right now is over around Port Aransas, Rockport -- the area that got hit so hard during Hurricane Harvey,” Briscoe tells Newsradio 740 KTRH.

In nearby Port Aransas, "some homes have water them," he says. "It’s really a bad situation here in Corpus Christi.”

He said there were also several hundred people without power last night.

Today, numerous businesses in Port Aransas and Corpus Christi are closed from being flooded.

More rain is expected there through tomorrow.

Photos: Matt Briscoe

Port Aransas/Corpus Christi Flooding (photo: Matt Briscoe)
Port Aransas/Corpus Christi Flooding (photo: Matt Briscoe)

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