Great! A new mental condition to worry about!

Gaming Is Now A Mental Illness

Playing video games can be dangerous to your health according to the World Health Organization. Although actual addiction involves only 3% of gamers, playing over 2 hours a day can lead to depression-like symptoms and eating disorders.  If you think your child is in front of a screen too much, Clinical Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber has a way to cut down on your children's gaming hours

“We have our children ‘pay’ for their online time! Not with money but with activities. They play sports, make good grades and are involved with family outings.”

Dr. Huber also says that more than 2 hours of video gaming every day may lead to depression-like symptoms.

Dr. Asmin Shah of Baylor College of Medicine says the problem can start when parents are busy and let their child stay in front of a computer for hours. He suggests you keep track of their online time and watch for personality changes like not eating or grades slipping.  

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