XANAX® is Blowing Up in America

We're living in anxious times, so no wonder XANAX® and other anti-anxiety drugs are being prescribed at a record rate. XANAX® is on the rise – and with that goes the rising rate of addiction and overdose.

Vaughan Gilmore of Houston psychiatric hospital The Menniger Clinic says these are not just "chill pills."

“XANAX® and other prescription anti-anxiety medications can be useful for short term treatment, but they carry a lot of risks similar to opioids.”

She says it's not just adults who are having problems and gives a precautionary note.

“Be sure to not leave medications like XANAX® lying around – like in a medicine cabinet – where teenagers have access.  Even kids as young as 11 years have become addicted to their parents’ medication.”

Gilmore says to be careful with anti-anxiety drugs. Take only as directed and never mix with alcohol. If you think you might have a problem - see your doctor.

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