POLL: Separating fact from fiction in current border crisis

Separating children from their families, while it is awful and at the top of everyone’s mind today, is not actually anything new. It has happened under previous administrations.

This did happen during the Obama years. Breitbart even published photos that the mainstream media wound up ignoring. But now they say these kids today are being mistreated, which Kristjen Neilsen, the Homeland Defense Secretary, denies.

“The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement provide meals, medical care, and educational services to these children,” she told reporters on Monday

Texas State Senator Charles Perry told KTRH the state has made sure these kids are treated well.

“We charged HHSC to come up with the process and protocols for how we would handle potential detainees,” Perry said.

AAnd he's not surprised at the mainstream media's rhetoric, which includes name calling.

“When I saw the mainstream media paint the picture the way they did, at least in Texas I knew that to be a lie,” Perry explained.

In response to the current controversy, Senator Ted Cruz last night announced he's filing emergency legislation that would keep illegal immigrant families together.

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