Mainstream Media leaves out facts when it comes to border troops

If you recall, President Trump ordered troops to the border to help Border Patrol secure our borders. But, the mainstream media is twisting that decision into something it is not.

Those troops, if you believe mainstream media outlets like Politico, are not actually watching the border. They are doing busy work. But David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform told KTRH border security was not what the National Guard was deployed to do.

“They are there to serve in a backup capacity; to serve in a support function and help border patrol with things they need to have done,” Ray explained.

Ray tells KTRH there are actually laws on the books that say the military cannot perform any kind of civilian law enforcement.

“Serving in a support capacity was the initial and only intention of putting the National Guard on the border,” Ray stated.

But these seem to be facts that Politico and the rest of the mainstream media have simply ignored.

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