POLL: Newspaper Bias may kill off the Industry

It's well known the vast majority of print reporters are democrats and they're no longer making much of an effort to hide it.

Media critic Jeff McCall says our democracy needs newspapers, but it needs them to be non-partisan.

"One of the problems, I think, is that the newspaper industry is now viewed as part of the establishment."

Professor McCall says many news consumers no longer trust newspapers to present just the facts.

"I think most news consumers now view that the analysis and interpretation is now frequently blended in to the hard news coverage, which you will find in the earlier sections of the newspaper."

Professor McCall says newspapers won't survive if they continue business as usual.

"A lot of challenges in the news industry, they're not going to be solved easily but I think one thing we should be able to say is that the newspaper industry cannot just continue on in the path it's had and hope that the public comes back because the public has clearly showing that they're disengaged."

A recent Pew survey found subscribers and revenue for both print and digital editions of major papers in 2017 down more than ten percent from the previous year.

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