Hangovers Get Harder With Time

It was so much easier to party all night when you were 21, and the ensuing hangover was infinitely easier to get through.

Age makes many things tougher – among them touching your toes, jumping jacks and recovering from a night of drinking too much.  Houston boasts a medical clinic that treats hangovers, and owner Kirk Merrikh says people long in the tooth feel the effects of alcohol than younger rivals.  “You do, but it’s more because of liver processing, and how, depending on diet, activity and overall health, how that slows down as you age.”  It’s that reduction of the production of liver enzymes that’s probably dragging you down, and you likely don’t drink as much as you did when you were younger, which reduces your tolerance for the physical impact of alcohol’s toxicity.  Hangover Houston in Uptown offers customized, nutrition-packed IV’s to rehydrate starting at $199.  Merrikh says they saw a real uptick in business during Houston’s Super Bowl in 2017, and during conventions.  To avoid suffering the traditional morning after, he also recommends thinking ahead.  “We have vitamins you can take before you want to go out and drink or put yourself in a toxic situation, with things in it that help protect your liver, help with methylation,” he suggests. 


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