Millions take medications with depressive side effects

A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) report found that people don’t realize that common drugs that have nothing to do with mood or anxiety or any other condition normally associated with depression can increase their risk of experiencing depressive symptoms.

Researchers warn that that more than 200 commonly used prescription drugs such as birth control pills, and common heart medications; even and over-the-counter drugs like antacids have depression or suicidal symptoms listed as potential side effects.

Health officials report that suicides have risen 30 percent in the past two decades.

Clinical Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber says 129 people commit suicide every day and half aren't diagnosed with mental illnesses.

“I believe because of the contributions of all these other medical issues that are going on and medical care is medical care, it’s not psychological care,” said Huber.

He estimates millions of Americans are taking medicines that can trigger depression.

“Think about all the different types of medications out there that can affect your mood. Any kind of blood pressure medication, any type of hormone replacement,” said Huber.

Anti-depressants are the only drug class with a “black box warning” for a risk of suicide.

The study was collected as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.


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