Parents not clued in to their children on social media

The Pew Research Center recently conducted a study that offers insights about connecting with teens. Turns out Facebook is out, YouTube is in. Parents might not be hip to know what social media is popular with their children nowadays.

The Heritage Foundation Vice President of Communications and Daily Signal Editor in Chief Robert B. Bluey said young people nowadays have access to information via their phones and tablets that parents didn't have when they were growing up.

“SnapChat, Instagram, all of these new platforms seem to be overtaking some of the dominant players of the past like Facebook,” said Bluey.

He said parents need to teach their children to make their own informed decision by getting information from various sources with different ideologies.

He added parents don't know as much as they should about what their children are doing with technology

“It’s also much more difficult to keep a watchful eye on how kids are getting the information they do today. Whether it’s through apps or Web sites, I think parents need to be much more vigilant in keeping a watchful eye,” said Bluey.

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