Are state political conventions still necessary?


Texas Republicans gather in San Antonio today for the party’s convention, which lasts through Saturday. With the way conventions have changed over the years, there are some analysts that wonder whether or not these conventions still serve a purpose.

U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus isn’t one of those analysts, but he says these state conventions don't do the things they used to do.

“A lot of what those conventions used to do is not done anymore. They used to select nominees at each convention,” Rottinghaus explained to KTRH.

Now of course, we have primaries that do that. These days the conventions are more for selecting delegates in Presidential election years. Republican strategist Jessica Colon is attending the Republican convention, and tells KTRH critics of these conventions have it wrong.

“This is for parties to organize, gather their supporters together, and come up with a message and for ways to candidates to come together with constituents in one fell swoop,” Colon explained.

The Texas Democratic Party will begin their convention a week from today in Fort Worth.

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