West Nile Virus in Your Back Yard?!?

Mosquitoes infected with the disease have already been found in Harris and Montgomery Counties and aerial spraying is underway.  Scott Packard of the Houston Health Department says you can avoid all mosquitoes if you follow the 3 D-s.

Packard emphasizes to use only a repellant with DEET listed on the label.

“There have been no reported human West Nile Virus cases yet here - but we have seen 7 cases since 2016. It can make reasonably healthy people pretty sick – but can be fatal to those with cancer or other major medical conditions.” Warned Packard.

According to an Orkin study – Houston is the 7th most mosquito populated city in the U.S. following Atlanta as Number 1 and Dallas as Number 2.  It’s good to NOT be Number One!

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