Did Jeff Sessions make the right call?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking a hardline on immigration, and conservatives are cheering him for what he’s done when it comes to asylum seekers in America.

Earlier this week, Sessions announced he is restricting those who can seek asylum in the U.S. So people looking to come here based on fears of gang violence or domestic abuse can no longer seek asylum. Bob Price at Breitbart Texas tells KTRH Sessions simply went by the book.

“Usually asylum is granted when there is a belief of political persecution, religious persecutions; things that are going on against a mass group of people,” Price explained.

Price says that what's going on right now is not what was intended when the rules for asylum were set up.

“You have individual crimes being committed, or maybe not. It’s appropriate to scale that back and stop the abuse of our system,” Price stated, adding that there's no way to prove claims of domestic abuse or gang violence are true.

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