Some People Check Their Phones WAY Too Often!

You have probably been snubbed by someone who interrupted your conversation by checking their phone. But 1 out of 10 surveyed said this has happened to them during sex!  It's called “Phubbing” - or “phone- snubbing.”

“If you don’t turn off your ringer, and your phone rings during the act – there’s no way you can ignore it. We all think that it’s something that needs our attention,” says Dr. Viviana Coles, of Houston Relationship Therapy who is a Licensed Family Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist.  She continues to say if you do this to a partner at this time can do some major damage.

“Your partner is going to think that they are not important enough, or not hot enough – and they’re going to continue to doubt themselves,” comments Dr. Coles. 

 Overall, Dr. Coles says this is like saying, “Sorry – you’re not the priority right now – my phone is!” 

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