Mysterious Illness Afflicts More US Diplomats

While the President Donald Trump meets with North Korea's leader in Singapore, concerns over a mysterious illness affecting American diplomats in Cuba have spread to U.S. workers and their families in China.

A total 24 Americans have reported headaches, nausea and other issues after hearing odd sounds, raising suspicions about whether China or Russia is to blame.

Some believe our government is not telling us the whole story.

"It's obviously some type of mechanism associated with spying on what we're doing, but has a side-effect of damaging hearing and other motor functions of the brain," says Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University in San Antonio.

"I don't think it's targeted at our people, it's targeted at intelligence," he says.  "I think we probably know a lot more about what this technology or technique is, obviously some of our enemies are using it.  We probably have the same capabilities, but we simply don't use it.

Addicott says it's likely at the forefront of President Trump's security team in Singapore.

"There's an amazing amount of hard work by a lot of professionals that go into making sure the place is secure as we can humanly possibly make it,” he says.

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