June Weddings: Happy Couples and Outrageous Bills!

Even in an area like ours with a pretty low cost of living – a wedding can be pretty pricey for you, Dad! 

“The national average is $35,000 and the Houston average is $40,000,” says Houston Wedding Planner Natalie Dawley, the owner of Two Be Wed.  There seem to be so many moving parts! 

“By the time you’re done – you may have paid 20 different vendors – depending upon how custom your wedding is,” Dawley explained. 

Event themes get bigger and bigger as well. “The two most popular weddings trending now are Garden Weddings with string orchestras and a beautiful outdoor setting and The Over-The-Top Big Wedding Extravaganza that includes ballrooms, fabulous flowers everywhere and 5 course meals,” smiles Dawley. 

Natalie Dawley’s best words of wisdom to a marrying couple planning a wedding, “Don’t go into debt; it would be very unwise. To start with, you couldn’t enjoy your big day because you simply can’t afford it!”

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