Wine Prevents Dementia?

A bit of wine may be the new secret ingredient in preventing dementia.  In animal studies, London researchers found that adding wine to exercise and sleep prevents a buildup of sticky plaques that drive dementia.  Bob Egan of Houston's Sable Gate Winery often touts the health benefits of red wine

“The polyphenol in red wines is more abundant than in white. The skins carry a lot of the polyphenol and red wine is made from grapes with their skins and white wine is not. The higher polyphenol percentage the better for its metabolic rate boost and the antioxidant benefits.”  Now he has another benefit to tell his customers!

There, of course, is a bad side to this discovery.  It only takes a small amount of wine – about an eighth cup or 5 teaspoons. Any more than that can be detrimental. 


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