Don't fear cutting the Cord

Cord cutting proponents say there's no good reason not to cut the cord. While it was tricky in the past, supporters say it's a breeze now and you won't miss anything you want -- and you'll save at least fifty to a hundred bucks a month doing it.

Luke Bouma of says you don't even need an antenna to get the locals.

"Houston has over 100 free, over the air TV stations but if an antenna is not an option Hulu, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV all carry local stations in Houston."

Bouma says if you do use an antenna, but you have to put it in an inconvenient place, there are devices that can receive over the air signals from the antenna and transmit them to your Roku or Apple TV over your Wi-Fi network.

"It's incredibly easy. Tablo DVR has kind of pioneered this technology; it's a little DVR, you connect your antenna to it, you connect it to your Wi-Fi and now you can stream your antenna to your Apple TV, your Roku, Fire TV, laptops, tablets, smart phones.

Bouma says if you're not tech savvy and you worry about installation, retailers like Amazon and Best Buy will have a professional do it for you.

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