Your Electric Bill Could Use a Pre-Summer Checkup

You’ve seen and heard the sweltering weather forecasts already -- summertime-style heat that's about a month too early for our liking.

When Houstonians look at their latest electric bill, they might get hot and bothered all over again.

As temperatures rise, so do their utility bills.

Jesson Bradshaw of the rate-comparison service Energy Ogre says Houston power costs more for several reasons:

--Old generator plants being closed down.

--Wholesale prices for electricity going up.

--More people continuing to flow into the greater Houston area, increasing the demand for power.

--Inattentive customers who aren’t being smart shoppers, in some cases.

As to that last point, Bradshaw says, you electric bill might need a checkup.

He tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that people should check their terms to be certain of what currently paying for power.

He notes that the attractive introductory offer you might’ve gotten when you signed up may have already expired – and the supplier is counting on your overlooking it and unwittingly paying more for power, especially if your bill is paid by automatic bank draft.

Bradshaw says to check your actual cost per kilowatt.

He also says that if shop on your own for the best power rate online, don't just go by the up-front number. Click on the accompanying fact box near the listing to check, he says, to look for any “gotcha” terms that might lurk in the fine print.

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