PODCAST: Former KTRH host Matt Patrick to be honored

Almost a year after his death, former KTRH host Matt Patrick is being honored for giving back to a community he loved so very much.

At the annual Talkers convention, Matt, who passed away after an almost two-year battle with cancer in July of 2017, will be presented with the Talkers 2018 Humanitarian of the Year award.

The award will be given during the radio conference that takes place every year. This year it is in New York, and Paula Ryan, Matt’s wife, will accept along with their son Jake, who is now 13 years old.

During an appearance on Houston’s Morning News with Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer, Ryan said, “This is just so perfect as far as coming up on the one year anniversary of his passing and remembering all of the good and how much he gave back.”

Ryan added, “Obviously it hasn’t been easy. We are moving forward. I don’t think we will ever move on, but we are moving forward.”

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