For Democrats, income inequality is a problem


Democrats love to talk about income inequality. They love to blame it on Republicans. But the old saying is ‘Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ And this might very well apply to the left in this situation.

A new report shows Democratic Congressional districts tend to have more income inequality than red ones. Political scientist Allan Saxe with UT-Arlington tells KTRH this is a point that Republicans need to hammer home in a big way before November.

“They have an obligation, if they want to win, to day that Democrats have represented these districts for a long time, and the results have been very little change, if any,” Saxe explained.

Saxe says this is really nothing new; that this has been happening in states dominated by the left for decades.

“These big gaps happen in states like New York and California, states where Democrats usually do very, very well,” Saxe stated.

But Saxe also says the Democrats will fight this by saying that it was the Republicans that created the problem and that they haven't solved it yet despite controlling Congress for four years.

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