Suspicious Device Prompts Evacuation at Hobby

UPDATE:  Airport officials say the Houston bomb squad has cleared a suspicious device from a security checkpoint at Hobby Airport, and people are being allowed back into the facility.  The area was evacuated around 4:30am.

TSA officials still recommend you check with your carrier for possible delays.

A spokesman for the Houston Airport System says a suspicious device was found at a security checkpoint at Hobby Airport, prompting an evacuation of the area.  the Houston bomb squad was called to the scene around 4:30am. 

"They're not even letting people in through security to get screened... Nobody is really saying much; they haven't even addressed anything.  They said there is supposed to be someone coming to a podium, but I don't see that.  we're just kinda hanging out trying to find the wi-fi."

Others tell our TV Partner KPRC Channel-2 those who passed through security have been allowed to board their plane.  TSA officials suggest you check with your carrier for delays before heading to the airport.

Here is the latest tweet issued by the airport on social media:

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