No Recess for You

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told the Senate there'll be no August recess because they're too far behind. He cites what he calls "historic" obstruction by democrats.

Houston conservative Jacquie Baly says democrats have delayed confirmation for a lot of President Trump's appointments.

"We're further behind than you would see other Presidents, prior to, so that's one of the main things that we would like to get through."

Baly says Americans would like to see Congress check off a few more achievements.

"The fact that the President was able to pass major legislation, like the tax reform bill, was good but we need more legislation coming from Congress, so I would like to see them go and work."

Baly says this will benefit republicans who can tell voters "I’m not campaigning, I’m working."

"I also think it's a good move as we're heading toward midterms because some of them are scared and they know the President has put them on notice for not getting things done."

Baly says republicans can tell voters they're trying to work with an obstructionist Democratic Party and they're busy doing the people's work rather than just out campaigning.

Senators will be allowed to go back to their districts for one week at the beginning of August, but will have to return for the rest of the month.

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