Neutical Implants for Male Dogs


Think breast implants but for male dogs who have been neutered. Neuticals are testicular implants for pets, and can be inserted in most species. The concept and company were founded in 1995 by Gregg A. Miller.

“We’ve done prairie dogs, we did a monkey in Pocahontas, Arkansas, we did a herd of water buffalo, and a colony of rats. I did an elephant, and a lot of miniature horses. I did a goat,” says founder Greg Miller.

The maker says they are solid silicone, not gel filled, and are usually surgically implanted at the time of surgery or can be done up to five years after.

There are four styles that come in five sizes.

Miller says he was inspired to creation decades ago after his hound Buck was neutered. “He looked down in that area, and looked up at me, and looked back down and looked back up like, ‘Where are they?’”

He says they have sold more than 500,000 globally. “Texas is our most popular state for Neuticals. It’s Texas, California and Florida, in that order,” says Miller. He has they are perfect for pet owners, often men, who are uncomfortable with the thought of castrating a male though believe in spay and neuter programs to control unwanted populations of pets. And for women, there are Neutical earrings.

Among the endorsements: "Neuticles are just plain neat!" Rush Limbaugh

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