More millennials couples including a social media clause into prenups

social media mobile apps (KHQ stock image)

Prenups are more popular now than ever and they've changed to include language about social media.

Ex-spouses might not want the other tweeting or posting their dirty laundry for all the world to see. Divorce attorney Jim Mueller said millennial couples, who are starting to get married now and grew up heavily steeped in social media, are asking for social media clauses in their prenups.

“It seems like these couples will start to talk about and truly control, what if their marriage, or unfortunate event of a divorce—what can be posted online? What can and cannot be said?” said Mueller.

He said this is just the beginning of how prenups are going to change over time.

Mueller said nowadays non-disparagement clauses exist to protect from what is done behind a computer screen.

“As creative as the parties and spouses want to get, we can put that into agreements. You can make it enforceable, and you can prevent or prohibit certain things from happening,” said Mueller.

He said clients who violate a social media prenup clause are paying out from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to the other party.

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