Mainstream media double standard on display with White House visits

The mainstream media didn’t mind when the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t want to visit President Trump to celebrate their Super Bowl win before the invitation was rescinded. But that would not have been the case if it happened under then President Barrack Obama.

And it did, in fact, happen. Six years ago, a conservative, Tim Thomas of the NHL's Boston Bruins, decided not to visit then President Obama. The mainstream media's reaction was not positive at all.

“This is the hyper-partisanship that irritates everybody,” said one analyst on MSNBC in 2012.

Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review says that's the liberal double standard at work.

“If you’re liberal you never have to say you’re sorry. If you’re conservative you are going to be hammered,” Polland said.

So Polland has a solution. Stop these White House visits by our sports champions.

“It has become politicized. And mixing politics and sports is something a lot of people are against. When athletes take a knee during the National Anthem, we don’t like that,” Polland explained.

And there is more controversy likely coming. If the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup, Devante Smith-Pelly of the Caps says he will not go to White House. The Caps are up 3-1 on the Golden Knights of Las Vegas in the best of seven Stanley Cup Finals.

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