Amid Rumors, First Lady Makes Public Appearance

President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognized First Lady Melania Trump during her first public appearance since undergoing invasive kidney surgery last month.

"We're very proud of her, she's done a fantastic job as First Lady," the president said. "The people love you. The people of our country love you. So thank you honey."

The First Lady's absence has been the topic of leftist speculation and late-night fodder.

"The First Lady has not been seen in public for 25 days. I'm not surprised, it took that Shawshank guy years to tunnel out," quipped Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS.

Fellow CBS host James Corden also chimed in, "Turns out Melania was in the White House with her husband Donald Trump the whole time, so it's worse than we all thought."

Rumors also swirled on the Internet that the First Lady was hospitalized due physical abuse by the president.

"At this point it is best for the left to really collect their thoughts and stop the accusations that are just absolutely outer space," says Cathie Adams, vice president of the Texas Eagle Forum.

Adams says the First Lady has become of the focus of leftist hate only for the fact she married Donald Trump.

"We have an American left that has lost its mind," she says. "We have a First Lady who is a classy lady, she has also suffered after a surgery, and I think we should give her the grace that she has given us by giving her time for healing."

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