Too much Pelosi might be a problem for Democrats

The midterms are still five months away, but the rhetoric is in full swing.

On the left you have the mainstream media continuing to talk about a ‘blue wave.’ On the right, there’s a growing confidence that won’t happen.

And the reason why could be two words. Nancy Pelosi. On Fox News, Mike Huckabee said more Pelosi is better for Republicans.

“Please God, let Nancy Pelosi continue to be the voice of the Democratic Party for the midterm elections,” Huckabee said.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong agrees 100% with the former Presidential candidate. Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are the gifts that keep on giving.

“They put the Democrats in a bad spot. They are the voice of the Democratic Party right now. They are the leadership,” Armstrong explained.

And he says it's a bad sign for the left that after all these years, Pelosi is still the face of the party.

“The Democrats really have no plan,” Armstrong stated, adding that if the Democrats ever came out with a real plan, the voters would reject it.

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