More Hearts Are Moving To Texas

Can’t you just hear Tony Bennet singing? He’s right. A lot of people are leaving their hearts and their lives in San Francisco for more affordable lives elsewhere. The Bay Area Council surveys Northern Californians every year and this year 46% of them say they want to leave. The high cost of living is their main concern.

“After we had children – we were never able to get ahead and have lives.” says Bill Dunne of San Jose who is moving to the south.

Texas is one of the Top 4 States that is benefitting from brain drain of an exodus.

We hear people say, “San Francisco is a great place to visit – but I don’t want to live there.” Evidently, neither do a lot of people who actually do live there! They are getting tire of the mounting cost of housing and the rising homelessness and open drug use as well.

“We just added up all the bills we have and the time it takes away from the family to make the money to pay those bills. Then we added the fees and the taxes. They all go up faster than our salaries do. That’s when we decided to move out.”

Good luck to the Dunne family. And the rest of Northern California who haven’t moved to Texas yet!

Photo: Moving van leaving California

Family packing up getting ready for move.

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