POLL: Conservatives aren’t happy with recent Netflix decisions

A survey by the research firm YouGov found that Netflix’s rating with Republicans fell by 16 percent this year. But, with Democrats, it has risen by 15 percent.

“Right around the time that Netflix announced its programming deal with former president Obama, the impression scores increased amongst Democrats and decreased amongst Republicans,” said YouGov Data Products CEO Ted Marzilli.

He added the organizations leaders’ political views can impact their customers.

“A brand like Starbucks, or even Nike, tend to be viewed more highly by Democrats, whereas a brand like Chick-fil-A would tend to be viewed more highly by Republicans,” said Marzilli.

Reportedly, the multi-year series production was brokered by former Obama official and campaign fundraiser Ted Sarandos, who’s now Netflix’s chief content officer.

The Media Research Center business and culture vice president Dain Gainor said he’s not surprised.

“They just keep piling on more and more examples of why conservatives should look at this network and go maybe this isn’t the network for us,” said Gainor. “It’s getting increasingly difficult thanks to organizations like Netflix that have decided conservative viewers don’t matter.”

In March, Netflix also appointed Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice to its board of directors.

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