Too much news might not be good for you after all

If you watch cable news, you know that the networks treat every little bit of news as something that is ‘Breaking.’ The graphics scream at you all the time. And watching too much of this could impact your overall health.

Here's how it works. Too much of this can cause stress, and we know what stress does to your health. Psychologist Wendy Rice tells KTRH this doesn't just happens with her patients. No, this hits home for her.

“My mother greets me a lot and tells me the world is going to end,” Rice explained. “I know it’s because she watches CNN or MSNBC on a rotational cycle.”

The easy solution is to stop watching, right? Well that's easier said than done, apparently.

“First you have to be aware of the fact that this is not a good thing, that this can become a problem,” Rice stated.

Rice says a good bet is to employ the strategy that if you notice you are seeing the same story twice in a certain amount of time, you simply watch something else.

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