Great paying jobs without a college degree

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Not everyone is suited for or needs to go to college.  You can have a great career in a trade job and make lots of money without a college degree. 

Economist Bryan Caplan’s asks in his new book, The Case Against Education: “how many thousands dollars and hours did you spend in classes studying subjects that you never thought about again?"

Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. President Nicholas Morgan said the average college graduate earns approximately $50,000 per year, while the average apprenticeship completer earns $60,000 or more per year.

"Today the average college student will take on $39,000 in student loans.   Alternatively most apprentices will earn over 100,000 in wages during a three year program, so this puts an apprentice nearly $140,000 ahead of a graduate," said Morgan. 

Department of Labor also states that a person who completes an apprenticeship will earn $300,000 more during their lifetime than their peer that does not. 

He said apprenticeships are for everyone—high school graduates, transitioning from the military and those re-entering the workforce.

“They need to think of it just like applying for a college. Typically apprenticeship committees will review resumes and applications and even require a pre-employment test,” said Morgan.

He said it’s a very competitive process. When they have openings for 20-30 jobs a month in their program, there are usually between 150-200 applicants.

ACS operates the largest apprenticeship in Texas for veterans for six occupations, with more to be added.  Expanding, will start a program specifically for high school graduates

He said more than six million jobs are currently open in America, many are skilled jobs that cannot be outsourced to another country 

 Those interested in apprenticeship should contact your local workforce solutions job center or visit

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