Don't expect a fourth Interest Rate hike this Year

Most financial experts expect the Federal Reserve to raise rates three time this year -- but odds appear to be against a fourth hike in December. Interest rate hikes are an indication the economy is strong.

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says things are getting better all the time.

"Rates are still below what they would normally be; the economy is growing at around 2.5% and we're looking at inflation that's hovering around 2%.

Wall Street gets nervous about rate hikes, but Shinn says they're not necessarily bad news.

"Yes, the stock market can go up if rates go up but only as long as the narrative is they're going up for a good reason."

Shinn says a fourth rate hike in December is possible but not likely.

"They're not trying to put their foot on the brake at this point; clearly they're taking their foot off the gas, yes, but they're not interested in trying to slow things down."

Shinn says this could change at any moment, but right now the chance the Fed will have four rate hikes this year is less than 25%.

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