City still uses drainage fees for other projects

With the 2018 Hurricane Season underway, drainage is an issue we are all aware of in Houston. But the newly approved city budget continues a disturbing trend.

And that trend, according to former Mayoral candidate Bill King is to take drainage fees and use it for other things.

“When you sort through it, it looks like to me that maybe be 10-20% of the money every year actually goes to work on drainage projects,” King told KTRH News.

Other portions of that money goes to filling potholes and things that have nothing to do with drainage. King says the city justifies it by saying the referendum states they can use the money for drainage or streets.

City Council Member Michael Kubosh was one of four council members to vote against this budget.

“This money is really going for things other than flood control projects. This has always concerned me as well,” Kubosh said.

Another council member that voted no was Jack Christie. He resigned as budget committee chair because of this.

“I am disappointing the tax payers and the voters. I have a responsibility to those citizens,” Christie said last week.

KTRH reached out to the Turner Administration for this story. They did not comment.

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