School Shooting Video Game Pulled After Backlash

The backlash in recent days over the video game ‘Active Shooter,” where kids can actually play the role of a gunman shooting up a school, has paid off.

And that payoff is the fact that the game has been pulled back from being distributed online. High Tech Texan Michael Garfield tells KTRH the game never should have made it that far in the first place.

“In light of everything that is happening, the fact that it ever made to even a press release is very shocking,” he said.

And even though we know violent video games by themselves aren't the reasons for these shootings, counselor Leigh Richardson says maybe these video game makers should be held responsible for the violence down the road.

“I do think whether you are a corporation making video games or cell phone you have corporate responsibility,” Richardson stated, adding that the games are out there in the first place because there is a market for them.

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