Public Meetings Planned on Aug. Flood Bond Proposal

Harris County residents will get to weigh in on a $2.5 billion bond proposal likely going before voters in August to help address flood concerns.

“Who else than the people who live, work and play in these watersheds not only know where it floods, but why does it flood?” asks Russ Poppe at the Flood Control District.  “That's important for us to know so we can really tailor and custom fit these projects to make sure we're addressing the root problem of flooding in these communities.”

“These include everything from voluntary home buyouts to making critical repairs to infrastructure damaged during Hurricane Harvey,” he says.  “We also have funding for traditional projects we would do such as deepening and widening our channels to improve our conveyance, also storm water detention basins.”

Commissions Court is expected to vote June 12 to place the issue on the ballot for August 25, the one-year anniversary of Harvey.  If approved, issuance of the bonds would be spread over 15 years, and the expected Flood Control tax increase for most homeowners would be limited to 1.4 percent or less.

“We need to make sure the public feels like they were part of designing this process,” says Judge Ed Emmett.  “Just as the public was part of rescuing their neighbors, the public was part of helping their neighbors recover, ultimate recovery is mitigation like this.”

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