POLL: Social media posts could be harming your job opportunities

A CareerBuilder survey found 70% of employers in 2017 used social media to screen candidates

A study done by MRINetwork found that some employers look at a candidate’s social media profile for questionable content or behavior, as well as offensive social or political views.

Trend HR CEO DW Bobst said FaceBook, SnapChat, Instagram and LinkedIn posts might be used against you on the job hunt.

Social media is the new first impression to a potential future employer. And, if they don't like what they see online, some aren't giving you a second chance to actually meet in person.

“Employers are looking for team players. They’re looking for someone who’s going to be productive in the company, someone who’s going to fit into their company culture. They’re looking for someone who’s not going to bring a corrosive-type nature or someone who’s not going to have a team concept,” said Bobst.

Future bosses might quickly search your social media posts for anything offensive or detrimental to the company.

Separate personal from professional

He said there's a blurred line with work and personal life since many of us check work e-mails and calls day and night, so it’s easy for us to feel comfortable posting online that’s accessible to the world.

Bobst said employers should keep an open mind, but are looking for any nugget of information if someone will help or hurt their organization.

“They’ll look at your tweets and see do I like and follow the Kardashians; do I like and follow any of the political-type candidates. And, that’s going to create a quick visual on what they think what you’re going to bring to the table,” said Bobst.

He said you might not get a chance to meet in person because they've already made a decision about you based on your social media presence.

The philosophy today in employment is to be slow to hire, rather than quick to fire.

But, not having an online presence shows you aren’t well-rounded.

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