GOP wants answers from Facebook, Twitter

We all know there is social media bias against conservatives. And now politicians and even the President have decided to try and do something about it.

The Trump 2020 campaign and Republican Party leaders like Ronna McDaniel have sent letters to Facebook and Twitter, looking for answers about these concerns.

“They have changed trending topics. They’ve suspended accounts,” McDaniel told Fox News. “We want assurances that the Silicon Valley thought police is not going to determine what voices filter through on their social media platform.”

Don Hooper with the Houston Conservative Forum tells KTRH he's glad someone is taking the lead on this.

“I like to see them do this at this point in the midterm election campaign. I think it’s great. I really do. I think it’s a good thing,” Hooper said.

And he says if he were the folks in management at Facebook and Twitter, he'd be listening to what Republicans are saying.

“The pressure from the President to have equal and fair treatment may overshadow any wants and desires that Facebook has,” Hooper stated, adding that he doubts Mark Zuckerberg really wants to be on Trump's radar.

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