Colleges bend the rules for kids to give them extra help

Colleges across the country are stretching their rules for kids who claim disabilities. And that number is higher than you think.

As many as one out of four students at college are now classified as disabled. That means they can get extra help like extra time for tests. All they need is a note from a doctor. Parenting expert Maria Luce tells KTRH she's not cool with this at all.

“We don’t get excuses in life. Your boss won’t accept them, and your parents won’t always be there to give you a note to help you get out of something,” Luce explained.

She doesn't doubt that there are legitimate disabilities but she also says our kids are not benefiting at the end of the day from what these colleges are doing.

“We have to ask ourselves if we are doing our children a disservice, and therefore, our culture and society and disservice,” Luce asked.

While the Wall Street Journal says 93 of the top 100 schools that have the highest percentage of disabled students are private universities, it also happens at public schools, where they have seen an increase of 71% in test accommodations between 2011 and 2016.

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