Americans Flock to Mexico Despite Cartel Violence

Tourism in Mexico continues to grow, despite bloody headlines of cartel violence in resort towns like Cancun and Los Cabos.

Sheilah Benoit with Woodlake Travel says business to Mexico has been steady.  Her clients are made well aware of any State Department warnings.

"Most of the clients that we book are staying at nice, 5-star beautiful hotels with great amenities, so they don't necessarily leave the resort," she says.

"Maybe the go to the Mayan ruins and do some climbing and that type of thing, they're still doing that.  They're still doing organized excursions, but that's never been a destination where people go off and do their own wandering around."

Breitbart reporter Ildefonso Ortiz covers the cartel violence.  He says Puerto Vallarta could be the next hot spot.

"They call him 'El Mencho,' he's the head of Cartel Jalisco, his wife was just arrested in that state not far from Puerto Vallarta, so there could be some short-term repercussions in that area in the near future," says Ortiz.

Ortiz urges anyone traveling to Mexico, stay on the resort grounds, don't risk going into town.

"I just spoke with some U.S. tourists that were actually going into Mexico by bus, and that's something I would not recommend, especially in the border area where we're at," he says.  "Sadly, they had issues where they had to pay to be released."

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